AutoPrint is our well known utility for automatic printing of tiff, tif, rtf, html, htm, gif, bmp, wmf, png & text files.

Running on your server or workstation, it will automate your bulk /batch printing chores, as it's able to print thousands of files daily. Simply drop files into one of the input directories and see them print.

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MacroHTML is our software to generate a website whose pages share a common theme. It features a simple scripting language with recursive included files (for common areas), simplified Wiki like editing and formatting features etc., all wrapped up in a simple Windows application. This website is made with it.

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Autopop3 is a small utility to download emails automatically to disk files. They are RFC 822 compliant and Autopop3 can run as a service. At the moment its still beta software, (don't install as service) but it's free...

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Need to send automatic emails? AutoMail automates email sending in both text and HTML formats. Simply prepare the message that you wish to send, add a line of routing information at the top, and drop into AutoMail's collection folder. AutoMail will do the rest, with its in built SMTP function.

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Irritated by those viagra and cheap software spam emails? This free toy will repeatedly 'express interest' in the sites who are instigate the spam in the hope you'll buy their junk.

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C++ Source code

Over the years we have created loads of software, mostly in C++.

Some of the classes are general purpose, and you can download them

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